Rotary Oven AS-108

8 trays Electric / Diesel Rotating Oven (Taiwan Made)
Construction feature
˙Heavy duty stainless steel exterior
˙Low pressure water injection steam system
˙Full perimeter silicone door seal
˙Mechanical door latch with magnetic closer
˙Field connection point for hood proving switch
Performance features
˙Fast acting heater elements and vent
˙0.75 GPH water delivery system
˙10/20 second normal steam time
˙Safety limited torque drive rotation system
˙Low noise air circulation system
˙Brightly lit interior
Controls features
˙Sheet Pan can be 600*400 mm, 720*460 mm, 660*460 mm
˙Simple manual setting for temperature, time, steam
˙Manual blower one-touch delay or pulse blower
˙Manual one-touch venting control

˙Temperature can be up to 360C degree and rises to 225C in just 25 minutes.

Baking Pans

8 trays

Pans size

23.6” x 15.7” (600*400 mm)


30 loaves for pan bread 16 oz. loaves

40 pieces for 8 oz. Baguettes

16 Doz. For cookies/biscuits 2 oz.


1/4 HP

Heat consumption

Electric – 16 KW

Diesel – 1.5 liter (Japan OLYMPIA)

Oven dimension

56” x 44” x 85” (1420*1120*2150 mm)


3 phase for 220~415V

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan

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