Bread Band Slicer

Automatic Band Bread Slicer (Taiwan Made)

The band bread slicer provides ease of use and high quantity loaves bread. A fully integrated solution is that works well in tandem with one of our bagging blower, or any other make that you use in your bakery. Heavy duty lattice blades with a strong and stable support frame to keep blades properly tensioned through the blade guides to provide consistently well cut slices. Various cutting widths are available. Standard sizes are 1”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 5/8” and 7/16”. Ideal for bakery shops, hotels, delis, and various food service operations.



1800 loaves per hour

Minimum height of loaf

190 mm

Maximum width of loaf

380 mm

Slicing thickness

12 mm (or 10 – 30 mm request)


2.4 KW


3 phase 50/60 Hz

N. W.

661 lbs (300 kg)


89” x 48” x 80”

(2270*1210*2020 mm)

Other optional

BAG BLOWER (117*38*105 cm)

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan


A variety of thickness specifications allow you to choose slice such as 7/16” (11 mm), 3/8” (13 mm), , 5/8” (16 mm), 3/4” (19 mm), 1” (25.4 mm) and other customized

Cutting surface is SMOOTH & less remains than small Bread Slicer.

With grinder device to make the cutting blades sharpened.

Heavy-duty Stainless Steel construction for quiet operation

Compact, space saving design and long 6 ft. cord with plug

independently mounted blades made from heat-treated steel for durability

Easy wipe surfaces that are rust and corrosion resistant