Retarder Proofer AS-36 rack

36 trays Rack Trolley Retarder Proofer Cabinet (Taiwan Made)

Cold and hot temperature control, as well as humidity control, retards your dough and starts the proofing process at the time you specify. With a Retarder/Proofer in your bakery, you can reduce human intervention and expensive night shift hours. Once all parameters have been set according to your production, bread retarding and proofing management are no longer subject to errors. Several preset programs will take over and free bakers from moving racks around from the cooler to the bakery floor.



2 doors (or 1 big door)


2 roll-in rack trolley

Pan quantity

36 trays (18 trays each rack trolley)

Pans size

18” x 28” (460*720 mm)

Trolley dim.

21” x 28” x 67” (520*720*1700 mm)


1C ~ 18C ~ 35C degree


1 3/4 HP


2.0 KW


Single phase for 208/240V

Proofer size

59” x 38” x 83” (150*960*211 cm)

N. W.

150 kg (330 lbs.)

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan

Other optional

4 Rack Trolleys / 6 Rack Trolleys

˙Stainless steel exterior and interior
Foamed insulation in walls ceilings and doors
˙Modular wall + ceiling panels with cam lock construction
˙Rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system
˙Heavy duty welded s/s hinges
˙Refrigeration components compatible with R134A refrigerant
˙Includes R-22 condenser standard
˙Dual purpose, provides both proofing and retarding
˙Evaporators sized for high humidity levels, prevents drying
˙Interior bumpers protect interior walls from damage
˙Digital set Temperature, Humidity, Time
˙PID type control for rapid accurate response without overshoot