Proofer SH-18

18 trays Bakery Proofing Cabinet (Taiwan Made)

The aluminum heated cabinets/proofers are designed with features to make your operation efficient. Controls can be easily accessed at the front of the cabinet without opening the doors and the entire heater unit can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.


Levels of trays

18 levels


18 pans


1.7 KW


30 minutes time


0 – 50C degree

Inside dimension

480*750*1620 mm

Outer dimension

880*730*2070 mm

Origin of Country

100% made in Taiwan

Sheet pan size: 400*600 mm, 460*660 mm, 460*720 mm, 600*800 mm or requested.

18 trays, 36 trays, 54 trays, 1 trolley, 2 trolleys, 4 trolleys, 6 trolleys or 8 trolleys are available.

˙Stainless steel water pan and Aluminum construction body
Blower forced air circulation assures uniform temperature and humidity throughout the cabinet and Wide, shallow chimney equalizes air circulation and saves space.
Included water pan can be used to provide some humidity so food does not dry out.
Temperature adjustable from 60°F (15.6°C) to 120°F (48.9°C)
Removable heating module with separate controls for heat and humidity
“Cast-in” humidity system prevents element burnout from water spills and potential injury from accidental contact with exposed heating element
Self-draining feature collects excess moisture into a standard bun pan below the base of the cabinet. Proofer has efficient, uniform and high quality 100% steam
Doors come with tempered glass inspection window
Individual heat and food moisture controls