Pizza Divider SH-501

Table Top Pizza Dough Divider (Taiwan Made)

The Tabletop Dough Divider for dividing various dough weight from 25g-100g (36 pcs), 30g-110g (28 pcs), 110g-200g (18 pcs), to 120g-250g (14 pcs). The best machine for cutting dough, loaf dough, pizza dough, baguette dough etc. to save time effort and labor expenses. The dough divider completely eliminates manual weighing of your dough in a compact space. The small dividing plate designed helps the dough to be flat quickly and not break the dough. The TEFLON and non-stick knife makes the cutting dough fast and it can be taken apart without any tool for easy cleaning.

Dividing weight

120g – 250g (4.2 – 8.8 oz.)

Dividing quantity

14 pieces


5000 pcs per hour

Motor Power

1/4 HP TEFC motor


Single phase for 110V or others

N. W.

88 lbs (40 kg)


20” x 20” x 24” (500*510*620 mm)

Other optional

110g – 200g (18 pcs)  30g – 110g (28 pcs)   25g – 100g (36 pcs)

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan


 ˙ FDA approved materials Cutter & Plate
˙ Flexible weight range and dough tolerance
˙ Spring load feed mechanism
 ˙ Dough Knife and dividing plate in Stainless Steel
 ˙ Quiet operation with minimal vibration
 ˙ Convenient ONE-Touch push button controls
 ˙ Easy cleaning (no tools required)
 ˙ Benchtop designed for small working space
 ˙ Dividing the dough into accurate sized pieces
 ˙ Ø26 cm diameter cutting tray