Intermediate Proofer

Intermediate Proofer Room Cabinet (Taiwan Made)

To restore a flexible, pliable structure, the dough piece must be allowed to rest while fermentation proceeds. This is accomplished by letting the dough ball travel through an enclosed cabinet, the intermediate proofer, for several minutes. If requested, it can be supplied with automatic heating and humidification system. The intermediate proofer could be available with a number of pocket according with the request resting time and the speed in pieces per hour.


Weight ranges

100g – 400g


1485 pcs per hour


352 pockets


1 HP


3 phase for 220V-415V


84.6” x 57” x 92.5”

(2150*1450*2350 mm)

Other optional

100g – 700g / 500 pockets

100g – 350g / 594 pockets

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan

˙With Ultraviolet (UV) rays light for sterilization.
˙Plastic mesh pockets are easy to clean and non-stick for dough.
˙It can add other heating and humidification system or recurring fan etc. for customers.
˙Work with Volumetric Divider, Conical Rounder, French Bread Moulder / Bread Moulder etc.
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