Fully Automatic Electric Oven (Taiwan Made)

1 deck for 4 pan / 2 decks for 8 pans / 3 decks for 12 pans

Automatic Electric/Gas Oven offer perfect heat distribution and the outstanding steam injection system gives you complete control over your oven chamber. It’s quick and easy to install and are the perfect choice for a variety of quality hearth bread, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, pizzas, roasts, fast foods and much more.

Baking pan

4 pan per deck  

Chamber dim.  

60” x 42” x 13” (1510*1062*330 mm)


11 KW per deck (33 KW 3 decks)


3 phase for 220~415V

Oven dim.

1980*1170*550 mm / per deck

N. W.

595 lbs (270 kg) per deck

Other optional

Standing legs for 1, 2 decks
1” Refractory Stone
Steam Spray system 
Proofer at the Bottom

Country of Origin

100% made in Taiwan

˙Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel exterior.
Independent baking chambers
Baking temperature up to 380C degree
Chambers capacity of 1, 2, 3 or 4 pans
Sheet Pan can be various sizes (400*600 mm, 720*460 mm, 660*460 mm etc.)
Inside wall chamber made by ALUSTAHL.  
Automatic ignition controlled by thermostat with Timer Alarm / Buzz
Independent upper and bottom flame system and burning pipes
Safety device with microcomputer controlled sensor
Separate temperature regulation for top and bottom heat ratio
Oven can rest on an optional proofer or a stainless steel base with legs on casters
Pull downward doors (pull upward doors can be optional)